On August 23, 2023, OKLink, the world’s leading Web3 on-chain data and compliance solution platform under OKG Technology Holdings Limited (“OKG Tech”, 1499. HK) announced an official partnership with Tencent Cloud to jointly drive the healthy development of the Web3 ecosystem. Since then, users can subscribe OKLink’s Onchain AML (On-chain Anti-Money Laundering) Solution and other technical services through the Tencent Cloud platform, enhancing the robustness of on-chain security systems.


The newly launched Onchain AML products by OKLink on Tencent Cloud include KYT (Know Your Transaction) and KYA (Know Your Address). KYT leverages OKLink’s extensive database to establish correlations between on-chain addresses and the real world, aiding in monitoring risk transactions, identifying malicious addresses, and generating alerts. This fulfils compliance and risk management requirements for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). KYA, on the other hand, identifies, analyzes, calculates, and categorizes risk types associated with on-chain addresses, assisting regulatory bodies in digital asset investigations and aiding enterprises in preliminary risk screening of on-chain transactions, thereby enhancing transparency in digital asset trading.


Through the fusion of blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence in application development, OKLink offers a range of products to the market, including blockchain explorers, Onchain AML, and a comprehensive investigation and traceability platform called Chaintelligence. Furthermore, OKLink covers over 170 blockchain networks, with a recorded on-chain data volume exceeding 1,000TB and transaction volume surpassing 30 billion. The platform boasts over 3.4 billion address labels, including nearly 70 million suspicious address labels. Leveraging this substantial data analysis capacity and address label library, OKLink provides standardized and customized blockchain data and technical services to diverse users, safeguarding data security.

Tencent Cloud Marketplace serves as a third-party service platform offering cloud services to enterprises. It’s dedicated to integrating resources from various partners, driving digital and intelligent upgrades for Tencent Cloud users, and empowering business growth diversely. As Web3 technology continues to evolve, more enterprises worldwide actively seek operational methods and services that align with it. In recent years, Tencent Cloud has collaborated closely with top Web3 ecosystem partners globally, leveraging its high-performance infrastructure and cloud technology to bridge technological integration gaps, meeting the needs of leading enterprises. OKLink’s integration this time marks a significant addition to its Web3 ecosystem.


Through this cooperation, OKLink and Tencent Cloud will enhance communication in aspects such as the construction of the Web3 ecosystem and community security, jointly crafting a sustainable Web3 security ecosystem. Additionally, OKLink will leverage the standardized transaction processes and extensive customer resources of Tencent Cloud Marketplace to expand international business operations, elevate the quality of technical services, and contribute more value to the Web3 security domain.