On July 7, 2023, OKLink, a one-stop on-chain data analysis platform, announced a strategic cooperation with Future Wing Financial. Future Wing Financial will adopt OKLink Onchain AML solutions that leverage OKLink’s abilities in onchain security detection technology and powerful address analysis function to meet the compliance needs of its virtual asset-related business.

As a licensed trustee in Hong Kong, Future Wing Financial customizes wealth management solutions for customers, covering traditional asset class allocation, PE investment and cryptocurrency/NFT. Within its group structure, Future Wing Financial has established an all-around financial service platform formed by sibling companies to provide Trustee Service, Custody, Asset Management, Research, offshore investment vehicle, Hedge Funds and Private Equities, meeting any form of needs from its clients.

Future Wing Financial said: “With the strengthening of the global consensus on virtual assets, more and more investors are paying attention to this asset class. By using OKLink’s Onchain AML solution, we can better operate in compliance and help us provide safe, transparent and efficient virtual asset-related services.

OKLink’s current products include Explorer, a one-stop data analysis platform for Web3, Onchain AML, an anti-money laundering solution on the chain, and Chaintelligence, which helps supervision. OKLink Onchain AML flags risky and illicit transactions in real-time, enabling deeper due diligence into potential suspicious activity. With these tools and simple API integration, our clients can access the same blockchain data government agencies use and easily integrate it into their systems to reduce manual workflows.