July 7, 2023——OKG Technology Holdings Limited (1499.HK) announced today that its leading one-stop onchain compliance and security solution, OKLink, has made significant business progress since its product upgrade one month ago. To date, OKLink has established cooperation agreements with over 50 companies, including top-tier industry leaders from virtual asset exchanges, banks, wallet providers, cloud service providers, asset management platforms, and OTC platforms. Additionally, since the implementation of the virtual asset service provider licensing system in Hong Kong, OKLink has received inquiries from over 300 potential clients, indicating a significant market demand for onchain data analysis and anti-money laundering compliance.

OKLink completed the product upgrade in June 2023,  which expanded its product line to include the following: Web3 one-stop data analytics platform—Blockchain Explorer, Onchain AML Solution, and the regulatory-supporting Chaintelligence. Currently, OKLink’s cooperation with various companies covers Web3 data analysis, Web3 ecosystem construction, onchain asset security, onchain AML solutions, security technology research, industry standards construction and other aspects, in order to help the compliance development process of the entire industry.

In its collaborations with virtual asset service providers, OKLink utilizes its powerful onchain database, onchain security detection technology, and address analysis capabilities to provide professional and reliable services. Token Pocket, a partner of OKLink, stated, “As a professional onchain data provider, OKLink offers us reliable, timely, and multi-chain onchain authorization information and contract information. It enables us to easily identify potential onchain security risks and provide them to our users. OKLink’s expertise and services make it a trusted platform, ensuring a safer onchain experience for our users.”

Additionally, OKLink leverages its years of experience in the industry to establish good interaction with regulatory agencies and law enforcement departments, promoting industry compliance. Recently, OKLink successfully hosted the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Workshop on Virtual Asset-related Law Enforcement Cases” in Shenzhen, organized by the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force and the Judicial Police of Macao, with the participation of the Guangdong Police. The workshop brought together nearly 50 law enforcement personnel from the Greater Bay Area and OKLink security experts to have in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics such as tracking technologies for virtual asset transactions, onchain anti-money laundering and fund flow, smart contract crime prevention, international cooperation, and information sharing, promoting communication among law enforcement agencies in the three regions.

Mr. Ren Yunan, Chairman and CEO of OKG Tech said: “We are very pleased to have gained industry recognition and market trust within one month of the launch of our new product. Compliance drives industry development, and regulatory technology empowers the compliance process. We hope to leverage our years of accumulated technology and experience, strengthen industry collaboration, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the entire Web3 ecosystem.”

Currently, OKLink covers more than 100 blockchain networks, with over 3 billion address labels and comprehensive analysis of over 2 million projects. By evaluating, comparing, and identifying risks across these vast amounts of data and address labels through multidimensional approaches, OKLink has developed visualized products to meet the anti-money laundering needs of different user groups in the virtual asset field.