The Company organises regular conferences with current and potential investors. Upon the inquiries and requests of investors, senior management from Leap Holdings Group met with multiple investors on Aug 19th, 2019 to share their views of the industry and some outlook of the corporation.

Investors from multiple institutions, including China Securities International, Tonhai Financial, AMC Wanchai Securities,  participated in the luncheon, Mr. Luo Ting, the executive director and Mr. Shi Shaoming, the company secretary of Leap Holdings Group hosted the investors and introduced the company’s latest news and progress.  Investors were all very interested in the progress and outlook of the new business initiative of the company. Mr. Luo explained that despite the confidence from the board and the management team, the company remains cautious and prudent in terms of the investment and business development. The company has engaged in some cooperations with well-known research institutions and corporations.

Mr. Luo and Mr. Shi also shared their own understanding regarding the regulation and latest development of the industry.